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Monday 6.1.20

FLEXcon Industrial Announces Company Name Change to Alamotape®

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – New name. Same great people, products and values. FLEXcon Industrial, a pioneer in pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes and laminates for use in durable goods applications, announced today the launch of a new company name and brand identity. The business will now be known as Alamotape® to better reflect its offerings as well as its endurance and tenacity.

While the reputation for excellence built under its previous name remains an asset, the name did not fully reflect the business’ complex array of products and services. “Over the last 40 years, we’ve become the brand of choice for design challenges requiring a combination of adhesive strength, performance and the right temperature tolerance – and that won’t change,” said Dave Rosen, President of Alamotape. “We specialize in meeting unique customer demands other manufacturers can’t or won’t. Our ability to develop and enhance adhesive platforms to meet the needs of each individual customer is what sets us apart. When a client comes to us with a challenge requiring a customized approach, we don’t give up until we find a solution.”

The company’s new tagline, “Breakthrough Solutions that Stick”, is part of Alamotape’s strategy to evolve and create a fresh, proprietary approach to the tape business. Most notably is their entrance into the thermoforming industry with the development of a cutting-edge adhesive technology used to bond heavy gauge plastics. This breakthrough addresses the common challenges customers face when adhering similar and dissimilar substrates.

The rebranding reflects the business’ commitment to continuous improvement while remaining rooted in a strong foundation of flexibility, integrity, and excellence. The new brand builds upon its history of innovation and design engineering to open doors to the future. “We will stay true to our commitment to current customers by providing personalized service and collaboration every step of the way,” said Rosen. “Trusted relationships are our most important asset. With the incredible potential to grow, this new branding positions us to gain access and win with new opportunities.”

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