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(Tacky) Alamotape 5202 Tacky Thermoset

Alamotape 5202 Tacky Thermoset has excellent initial tack and peel strength at room temperature – outperforming most PSA tapes. With added heat and pressure, the adhesive then cures to even higher bond strength. This adhesive tape is designed for low surface energy substrates including most plastics. 5202 Tacky Thermoset is...

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(Tacky) Alamotape 5105 Tacky Thermoset

Alamotape 5105 Tacky Thermoset performs like an acrylic PSA at room temperature, then cures like an epoxy when heat and pressure are applied. It can withstand up to about 400°F for prolonged periods of time once fully cured. 5105 Tacky Thermoset performs best on medium to high surface energy substrates,...

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Foam Shipping Pads

Alamotape heavy duty shipping pads are made of highly condensed polyurethane foam with standard thicknesses of 1/4″ and 1/2″ (6.3 and 12.7 mm). They are designed to protect a wide range of products including windows and doors during transport prior to installation by absorbing shock and handling heavy loads. The...

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Window Wrap Tapes

Alamotape window wrap tapes consist of compressible open-cell polyurethane foam supported with a layer of thin polyester film. The tape is wrapped around the perimeter of a window prior to field installation for accurate positioning, and to create an energy efficient weather-resistant seal. Click on the links below to download...

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Window Glazing Tapes

Alamotape window glazing tapes are designed for bonding to wood, glass, PVC, and metal. Closed-cell foam provides a 100% moisture proof seal, and resistance to water, dust, and light. Our glazing tapes utilize special high-density polyethylene or polypropylene release liners for easy peel and stick application. Fenestration & Glazing Industry...

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REM Double Coated Foam Tapes

Alamotape REM Double Coated Foam Tapes are available in five different types with different combinations of permanent and removable adhesion properties. Our REM Foam Tapes are constructed of polyolefin foam coated on both sides with a pressure sensitive adhesive. The unwind side is offered in both removable and permanent adhesives...

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Transfer Adhesive Tapes

Alamotape unsupported transfer adhesive tapes are 100% adhesive with a differentially coated release liner. The release liner is removed upon application, leaving only the adhesive. Each of these tapes is offered from 2 to 5 mil adhesive thickness. Click on the links below to download the technical data sheets:

Polyester Film Tapes

Alamotape double coated polyester film tapes have a thin 0.5 mil PET carrier with 2 to 5 mil of adhesive thickness. These products are conformable to a variety of substrates while offering dimensional stability. We also supply differentially coated products with different adhesives on both sides, such as a permanent...

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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Foam Tapes

Alamotape Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) foam tapes use only the highest quality polyolefin foams, adhesives, and release liners. We offer single- or double-coated products with a variety of foam types and densities including polyethylene, polyurethane, open-cell, closed-cell, medical grade, and fire resistant. Standard colors are black, white, and gray. Custom...

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Class A – 105°C

• KMK – Kraft/Mylar®/Kraft: (kraft paper laminated to PET) Click on the links below to download the technical data sheets: