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Structural Adhesive Tapes

Alamotape® compounds a proprietary line of thermosetting adhesives that provide extremely high bond strength for a variety of applications. These adhesives, also called heat activated or B-stage adhesives, are cured using heat and/or pressure and can be bonded to a wide variety of substrates from low to high surface energy. These unique adhesives are designed for extreme high temperature applications and are available with flame retardant capabilities. All Alamotape products are Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) compliant. Alamotape offers two types of Structural Adhesive Tapes:

Tack-Free Thermosetting Adhesive Tapes are cured with high heat and pressure, resulting in extensive cross-linking between polymer chains to produce an infusible and insoluble polymer network. The curing process creates a chemical bond that, unlike a thermoplastic, prevents the material from reflowing. These adhesives are tack-free at room temperature; no release liner is needed.

Tacky Thermosetting Adhesive Tapes are tacky at room temperature, providing initial bond similar to a pressure sensitive adhesive tape. Like the tack-free products mentioned above, applying heat and pressure results in full cure and high bond strength. These products are tacky at room temperature and require a release liner.

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  • Applications

  • Electrical & Thermal Insulation
  • Busbar Assembly
  • Industrial Appliance Manufacturing
  • Bonding to Printed Circuit Boards
  • Insulation for Aircraft
  • Wiring Components & Harness Assembly
  • Automotive
  • Bonding Rigid Fittings to Flexible Tubing
  • Electronic Manufacturing
  • Electrical Manufacturing
  • Adhesives

  • Phenolic
  • Epoxy
  • Acrylic
  • Substrates

  • Kapton (Polymide)
  • Nomex (Meta-Aramid) Paper
  • Mylar (PET)
  • Melinex (Opaque PET)
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Copper Foil

(Tacky) Alamotape 5105 Tacky Thermoset

Alamotape 5105 Tacky Thermoset performs like an acrylic PSA at room temperature, then cures like an epoxy when heat and pressure are applied. It can withstand up to about 400°F for prolonged periods of time once fully cured. 5105 Tacky Thermoset performs best on medium to high surface energy substrates, particularly metal to metal bonding. It comes standard as a transfer tape but can be supplied with most available substrates to add functionality.

Click on the links below to download the technical data sheets:

Alamotape 5105 Tacky Thermoset

(Tacky) Alamotape 5202 Tacky Thermoset

Alamotape 5202 Tacky Thermoset has excellent initial tack and peel strength at room temperature – outperforming most PSA tapes. With added heat and pressure, the adhesive then cures to even higher bond strength. This adhesive tape is designed for low surface energy substrates including most plastics. 5202 Tacky Thermoset is ideally suited for thermoforming applications where dissimilar substrates can be fused together during the forming process.

Click on the links below to download the technical data sheets:

Alamotape 5202 Tacky Thermoset

(TACK-FREE) AFR Coated Products

Alamotape’s Acrylic Flame Retardant (AFR) adhesives can be coated onto many flexible substrates including Kapton, Nomex, and PolyEthylene Terephthalate (PET). Our AFR adhesives are supplied in B-stage form and can be fully cured with heat and pressure. Flammability ratings range from UL V-0 to V-1 when subjected to a vertical burn test. Our products have varying degrees of self-extinguishing properties. Please contact us for more information about the flammability ratings of our products.

Flex, Flat, or Ribbon Cable: Our products insulate conducting wires running parallel on a flat plane commonly used for internal peripherals in computers, hard drives, and compact disc drives. These cables are prevalent in automotive applications in addition to televisions, monitors, and cell phones.

Click on the links below to download the technical data sheets:

AFR Data Sheet3 mil Kapton AFR5 mil Kapton AFR3 mil Nomex AFR5 mil Nomex AFR7 mil Nomex AFR10 mil Nomex AFR5 mil Melinex AFR5 mil Melinex ATO5 mil Mylar AFR5 mil PET AFR5-5 mil Melinex (lam) AFR10 mil Melinex AFR 1 mil10 mil Melinex AFR 2 mil10 mil Melinex ATO10 mil Mylar AFR10 mil PET AFR3 mil Mylar AFR

(TACK-FREE) Epoxy Coated Products

Alamotape supplies multiple products coated with an epoxy based thermosetting adhesive for busbar and power distribution applications. Our epoxy coated products include insulation films, papers, and laminates in B-stage form used for heat press bonding to powder coated copper and other conducting metals.

Click on the links below to download the technical data sheets:

2 mil Nomex Epoxy3 mil Nomex Epoxy HR3 mil Nomex Epoxy5 mil Nomex Epoxy HR5 mil Nomex Epoxy MHR5 mil Nomex Epoxy7 mil Nomex Epoxy10 mil Nomex Epoxy14 mil 418 Nomex Epoxy15 mil Nomex EpoxyRMR727 EpoxyRMR10510 EpoxyTTM1H15EA1

(TACK-FREE) Phenolic Coated Products

As a component in airbag inflators, Alamotape manufactures an aluminum foil coated with a phenolic based non-tacky B-stage thermosetting adhesive. Once fully cured, the adhesive provides extremely high bond strength with a moisture barrier seal.

Click on the links below to download the technical data sheets:

1 mil PET Phenolic2 mil Nomex Phenolic3 mil Nomex Phenolic5 mil Melinex Phenolic5 mil Nomex Phenolic5 mil PET Phenolic7 mil Nomex Phenolic10 mil Melinex Phenolic10 mil Nomex Phenolic10 mil PET PhenolicPhenolic Study

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