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Sound & Vibration Dampening

Alamotape® offers foam tapes, PET tapes, and transfer adhesive tapes for sound and vibration dampening applications. Our closed-cell polyolefin foam tapes provide natural sound and vibration reduction. PET and transfer tapes can be laminated to other substrates for your dampening needs.

Alamotape develops custom solutions for demanding applications. If you do not see the ideal product that suits your end use application, please contact a Technical Service Representative.

Polyester Film Tapes

Alamotape double coated polyester film tapes have a thin 0.5 mil PET carrier with 2 to 5 mil of adhesive thickness. These products are conformable to a variety of substrates while offering dimensional stability. We also supply differentially coated products with different adhesives on both sides, such as a permanent adhesive on one side and a removable adhesive on the other side for multi-purpose applications.

Click on the links below to download the technical data sheets:

1012 – double coated polyester tape1052 – double coated polyester tape1123 – high performance double coated polyester tape1124 – high performance double coated polyester tape1128 – high performance double coated polyester tape1402 – differentially coated PET tape1403 – differentially coated PET tape1225 -1226 – differentially coated polyester tape

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Foam Tapes

Alamotape Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) foam tapes use only the highest quality polyolefin foams, adhesives, and release liners. We offer single- or double-coated products with a variety of foam types and densities including polyethylene, polyurethane, open-cell, closed-cell, medical grade, and fire resistant. Standard colors are black, white, and gray. Custom foams and colors are available upon request. Our adhesives cover a wide spectrum of peel, shear, and tack to form bonds from aggressively permanent to easily removable.

Click on the links below to download the technical data sheets:

10C – double coated foam tape10D – double coated foam tape103 – double coated foam tape113 – double coated foam tapeFR200 – flame-retardant general-purpose foam tapeFR210 – permanent acrylic, fire retardantGP200 – double coated foam tapeGP210 – general purpose foam tapeAST – sealant tapeFR950 – flame retardant single coated foam tapeFR960 – flame retardant single coated tapeGP950 – single coated foam tapeGP960 – single coated foam tapeRST – sealant tape

Transfer Adhesive Tapes

Alamotape unsupported transfer adhesive tapes are 100% adhesive with a differentially coated release liner. The release liner is removed upon application, leaving only the adhesive. Each of these tapes is offered from 2 to 5 mil adhesive thickness.

Click on the links below to download the technical data sheets:

201 – general purpose adhesive301 – general purpose adhesive302 – general purpose adhesive450F – transfer tape453 – high performance adhesive806 – high performance adhesive807 – high performance adhesive

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