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Thursday 8.20.20

Alamotape® Announces the Launch of a New Product Platform, Tacky Thermosetting Adhesive Tapes

– Alamotape® is excited to announce the launch of a new innovative structural adhesive tape product platform, “Tacky Thermosetting Adhesive Tapes”. These tapes are tacky at room temperature, providing initial bond like a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) tape. When heat and pressure are applied, the polymer chains cross-link producing an infusible and insoluble polymer network, which allows the tape to achieve full cure and high bond strength. Alamotape offers two types of tacky thermosetting adhesive tapes including Alamotape 5105 and Alamotape 5202.

Alamotape 5105 Tacky Thermoset performs like a PSA tape at room temperature and cures to a very high strength with heat and pressure. It is B-stage curable to a permanent thermosetting bond. This tape is ideal for bonding parts without the need for clamping or the mess associated with liquid adhesives.

Alamotape 5202 Tacky Thermoset has excellent initial tack and peel strength at room temperature – outperforming most PSA tapes. With added heat and pressure, the adhesive then cures to an even higher bond strength. It is ideally suited for thermoforming applications of dissimilar and low surface energy substrates.

“The addition of this new product platform and these products reflect our new tagline, ‘Breakthrough Solutions that Stick’ and our commitment to continue to produce innovative products that address the common challenges our customers face when adhering similar and dissimilar substrates together,” said Dave Rosen, President of Alamotape.

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