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The Alamotape Story

Creating and enhancing adhesive platforms to solve the design challenges of each customer is what sets us apart. We specialize in meeting custom demands others can’t—or won’t.

We’ve been developing and enhancing adhesive platforms to meet the needs of each individual customer for over 40 years. To us, success means long lasting, trusted partnerships with our customers.

We’re the people, people. We work with customers every step of the way, often acting as an extension of their design team, enabling them to solve even the most challenging problems. We understand that the bottom line matters so we offer our customers the level of performance they need—nothing more, nothing less.

Like those who defended the Alamo, we don’t give up until our customers succeed.

Team Process Team Process
Customization is Standard for Us

Our collaborative product development approach is unique. We listen. We question. We innovate. We test. And, we deliver. When you come to us with a challenge requiring a customized approach, we’re on it. This is where we shine.

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David Chamness

Director, Accounting and Finance


Mick Grant

Director, R & D and Business Development


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